3 Reasons to Hire Tenant Placement Services in Charlottesville, VA

3 Reasons to Hire Tenant Placement Services in Charlottesville, VA

A study by the Zebra in 2021 regarding housing showed that about 22.4% of respondents had an exceptional credit score. Everyone else had either a fair credit score or an underwhelming one.

As a landlord, you only want to rent out to the best possible tenants. They don't need to be wealthy with amazing credit, but you want them to be able to pay rent on time every month. The best way to land a worthwhile tenant is through tenant placement services.

Here are three reasons why you should prioritize tenant placement in Charlottesville.

1. Marketing Expertise

Tenant placement services offered by a property management company come with plenty of marketing expertise. This is useful if you want to find new tenants for your properties outside of the normal real estate channels.

For example, Facebook continues to be one of the biggest social platforms online. It comes with an effective marketing interface and lets you message new applicants directly.

If you want to advertise your property in a more visual manner, you can also opt for Instagram or TikTok. These allow you to showcase a rental through either images or video.

Even something like Reddit comes in handy from time to time. There's no harm in spreading your reach as much as you can.

2. Time Saving

Another reason to try out tenant placement services is to help save time. Depending on your area, you may go through big shifts in rentals. This is especially true for college towns, as tenants may move out after they're done with school.

Tenant placement is also a lot of work if you own a lot of different properties. This may involve traveling and planning out your work schedule.

Property managers can take care of those vacancies better than you can because it's their full-time job. You can also rely on them to work on tenant retention programs to keep your occupancy rates high.

3. Tenant Screenings

Arguably the most important part of tenant placement is screening them. Running a background check on applicants allows you to verify their identity as well as see things like their criminal history and credit score.

A person with a criminal history may have trouble following the law or making good decisions. They can't pay your rent if they end up getting arrested again.

Likewise, someone with poor credit may not be able to manage their finances well. This can also lead to nonpayment of rent.

The property manager of your Charlottesville, VA real estate should be able to run background checks and find you the best tenants.

Perfect Your Tenant Placement

Tenant placement services are a worthwhile investment if you need to fill some vacancies. Letting those vacant rooms or properties stay empty only costs you money in the long run.

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